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What Should be Included in a Post-Interview Value Proposition Letter?

In a previous blog, Revision Resume discussed what a Value Proposition Letter is and why it is important to write one after each interview. Now let's dive in to consider what should be included.

1). Thank You!

Job Candidate writing a post-interview value proposition letter

The first thing to include is a thank you to the interviewer. They have taken time out of their busy day to interview you. Be sure to express your gratitude for this in the letter.

2). Reiterate why you are the candidate to select.

The reason it is called a value proposition letter instead of a thank you note is that you will go beyond just expressing gratitude. Use the opportunity to remind the interviewer of your talents and skills. Expand on something you didn't get to share during the interview but think would help demonstrate your unique qualifications.

3). Demonstrate how you can solve their problem.

It wasn't only the company learning about you during the interview. You also learned about the company and any issues they are looking to address. Maybe they don't have someone that is familiar with a certain type of software but you do have experience with it. Use the value proposition letter as an opportunity to point out how you can solve a problem they are facing.

4). Share something you enjoyed about the interview.

Was there a topic you enjoyed discussing or an aspect of the job you enjoyed learning about? Include that in your letter. It is always helpful to show you how you connected to the interviewer and/or the position.

In addition to covering what you should include in your value proposition letter, it is also worth mentioning some general guidelines.

Keep the Value Proposition Letter short

Three paragraphs is sufficient. Don't waste the interviewer's time with a multi-page letter.

Don't come across as anxious or desperate

You want to show you are interested in the position but not obsessive about it.

Keep a professional tone

This isn't a thank-you note to your grandma or friend. This is another chance for you to show your professionalism. Just as your resume and cover letter are written with appropriate wording, your value proposition letter should be as well.

Person proofreading a value proposition letter

Proofread Proofread Proofread!

Just as your resume and cover letter need to be properly edited and error free, your value proposition letter requires the same level of revision! You do not want to leave the interviewer with a bad final impression because you didn't take the time to review and re-write as necessary! Consider these tips for improving your ability to locate and correct mistakes.

Revision Resume offers Value Proposition Letters as part of our resume package or a la carte. We believe this is a very important part of a successful job application process and would be happy to assist you in crafting a professional, properly formatted and error-free letter. Contact us to learn more!

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