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3 Must-Have Items For Your Cover Letter!

1). How you heard about the job.

Any connection you have will be helpful. Referrals are very important to provide leverage and can help you stand out compared to other job-seekers.

Even if you didn't hear about the position from a friend but instead found it on a website like Indeed, it is worthwhile to mention. The company will appreciate knowing which methods of attracting candidates are working.

2). Why you are the perfect candidate for the position.

Look at the job posting and try to identify five requirements that you fulfill. Take the opportunity to indicate your strengths related to those skills within the letter. You want to entice the hiring manager to take the time to look at your resume, so you need to show within the text of the cover letter that you are a viable candidate for the position.

Recruiter using an applicant tracking system

If you can tell from the job posting that they have an issue they need to resolve, indicate how you can address their problem. Know a certain software program that they are in need of? Be sure to point that out.

It is also suggested that you use the cover letter as another opportunity to include keywords from the job posting as it may be subjected to the Applicant Tracking System (ATS).

3). Explain any Issues.

Person relocating for a new job

It is not possible to explain potential issues within the confines of your resume, but the cover letter offers you the opportunity.

  • Do you have a gap between jobs?

  • Are you changing careers?

  • Are you relocating?

  • Would you be considered overqualified?

Use the cover letter to explain any of these type of issues so that when the recruiter reads your resume they know they need to take a closer look and not just put it on the discard pile. Make sure your cover letter explains why you want this particular job and why the issue shouldn't prevent you from being considered.

Hiring managers don't spend much time reading your cover letter or resume. You have to make a strong first impression quickly. Including the above three items in your cover letter will help increase the chance that your resume will be read.

Failing to create a cover letter that grabs attention may mean you don't get called in for an interview. Hiring Revision Resume to assist you may be the difference between landing the job and being passed over.

We pride ourselves on crafting cover letters that demonstrate how well aligned you are with the job posting. To learn more about our services and how we can help you in your job search, contact us.

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