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Do's and Don'ts of Post-Interview Follow-Up

In September we asked our readers to pick a topic for an upcoming blog. The votes are in, and the winner was "Best Methods of Post-Interview Follow-Up." This is an important topic for job seekers and one we are excited to write about. We have a few previous blogs that may be helpful as well, including:

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In this discussion, we will cover the Do's and Don'ts of Post-Interview Follow-Up. We have spoken with a variety of hiring managers and recruiters and they provide a consistent message of ways in which candidates help themselves or hurt themselves AFTER the interview is over.

Keep in mind that in many cases there may be 2 or 3 really good candidates for a job opening. So, even after the interview is over, the hiring team may still be trying to decide who to offer the job to. If the post-interview follow-up is poor, the scales may be tipped to a different candidate! You definitely want to avoid that!

Post-Interview Follow-Up Do's

  • Before you leave the interview, do find out when you should expect to hear about the job. This allows you to determine when it would be appropriate to contact the hiring manager and inquire if they have made a decision.

  • Immediately after you leave the interview, take notes on what went well and what didn't. Do record what you think they need in the job candidate they are looking to hire.

  • Do write and send a post-interview thank-you note within 24-48 hours of the interview (also known as a value proposition letter). Use this opportunity to:

    • Point out that you are still interested in the position

    • State how hiring you will meet the needs the business has

    • Mention a way in which you connected with the interviewer

    • Improve upon an answer you felt you didn't answer well during the interview

Make sure your value proposition letter is only 1 page long. Feel free to send via email or snail mail, but don't text.

  • Do express gratitude. Whether you are sending a thank-you note or calling to inquire about the hiring decision, be sure to always thank the hiring manager for their time.

  • Do wait for the agreed-upon amount of time before reaching out to inquire if they have made a decision about who to hire. Didn't remember to find out what to expect during the interview? Then it is best to wait 2 weeks before reaching out.

  • Do remember to always use a professional tone and be polite whenever you are emailing or calling the hiring manager or recruiter. Although you may have developed a relationship through the interview process, this isn't a casual friend.

Post-Interview Follow-Up Don'ts

  • Don't contact the hiring manager or recruiter via text. Use email instead.

texting a hiring manager

  • Don't repeatedly email the hiring manager to ask if they have made a decision. Ask one time and wait for a response. Respect their time and workload.

  • Don't be casual in your post-interview interactions. Remain professional. Even your thank-you letter should be written using a business letter format.

  • Don't complain about how long it is taking them to make a hiring decision. Respect that the process may take a few weeks or longer.

  • Don't trash the other candidates. Instead, focus on highlighting your positive attributes.

  • Don't be pushy. If they haven't made a decision yet, pushing them to accelerate their process won't help your case.

  • Don't follow up more than twice to inquire about the hiring decision. While it is unfair that some companies do not respond to interview candidates, it is an unfortunate reality that job seekers occasionally face. If they haven't bothered to respond to you after 2 attempts at contact, it is best to assume that you are not going to be offered the position and move on to other potential openings.

While hiring managers and recruiters have told us that a candidate who interviewed poorly won't be saved by the post-interview follow-up, one that is in contention may benefit. Since you likely don't know where you stand when you leave the interview, it is wise to follow our list of Do's and Don'ts.

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