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How to Land an Interview for a Job That Pays More

Looking to increase your income? You may need to reassess how you approach the job application process in order to land a higher-paying job. Let's evaluate a few ways you can set yourself apart and get the interview you desire.

Study the Job Description

Take the time to thoroughly examine the job description.

  • What are they specifically looking for in their ideal candidate?

  • Do they list hard skills such as knowledge of a certain computer program?

  • What soft skills do they emphasize?

  • Is communication most important, or time management?

Here at Revision Resume, we suggest you print out the job description and use a highlighter to highlight the keywords you find. This will make it visually obvious what is important to the hiring manager, and will allow you to determine how best to align your resume to demonstrate that you are the candidate they need to interview.

Re-Word Your Resume

Now that you have studied the job description, you can incorporate the necessary skills right in your resume. Does this mean you need to rewrite your resume? No, but you might consider making minor changes that help showcase you are the ideal person for the opening.

Consider rewording your executive summary to show that you have the qualifications the company is seeking. Are they looking for a candidate with 10+ years experience and you have 15? Specifically mention 10+ years experience within your executive summary.

In addition, double-check the list of skills you include on your resume Are you capturing the details that are important to this role? Your skill list is a great place to include computer programs, a second language, or other specific details they are targeting.

Finally, look at the bullet points you have included for your previous work experience. Do you show actions and successes that relate to the job you are trying to obtain? If not, consider rewording a few bullets, or even adding some new ones. Showcase how your previous experience has you prepared to take on the new role.

Include a Well-Written Cover Letter

Don't forget about a cover letter! This is a way you can advocate for yourself and highlight how you are the right person for the job. Our Best Practices for Creating a Cover Letter include:

  • Write professionally and use a business letter format.

  • Keep it to one page in length.

  • Use bullet points and bolding to make it easily readable and to highlight the strengths you have that will benefit the hiring manager.

  • Only include details related to the position you are applying for -- no need to incorporate your entire life history.

Final Thoughts

The above tips will help you improve your job application and increase your chances of getting called for an interview. We also recommend ensuring you have the skills for the job you are seeking. If you are a bit short, consider ways you could gain the skills you need. Often, taking an online class or volunteering are good ways to gain the experience that fills the gap you have.

Should you need assistance with your resume, cover letter or other career documentation, Revision Resume is here to help! To see our service options click here. Or email us at to discuss your specific needs.

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